"Cordialità e gentilezza da noi sono di casa"

A villa situated in Marina Lunga, a long bay frequented by sailing boats and ferries arriving at the islands. The villa is constructed in the Sicilian “Liberty” style which is visible both in the architecture and furnishing of the building. The high ceilings and thick walls guarantee an ideal internal temperature all the year round.

One can eat breakfast outside in the garden which is full of plants and shrubs whose perfume fills the atmosphere and where one can pass those unforgettable moments.
  • Private bath room
  • Mini bar
  • Tv color
  • Phon


Ciņ che le immagini non possono descrivere č la sensazione di calda
accoglienza che troverete da noi e che riserviamo ai nostri cari ospiti.

Albatros B/B Prices per day and per person with breakfast.
APRIL   € 25
MAY   € 30
JUNE   € 35
JULY   € 40
AUGUST   € 55


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